Thank You Ms. Greta!

Greta Lundby was the driving force behind this year's Fall Festival and we want her to know how much we all appreciate her efforts. And a big thank you goes out to all the other community members who put in their time, donations and efforts as well...

We asked the kids what they thought about the Fall Festival this year and here are some of their responses:

"I think the Fall Festival was incredible because all of the games were cool and the one I liked the most was ping pong because it gives you a lot of tickets for prizes." - Michael S.

"The best part of Fall Festival was the dancing and the fun clown, plus the dart game and the prizes and the candy." -Maleah F.

"The Fall Festival was awesome, the games were awesome, the face paint even the prizes were cool. Kids had a lot of fun with face paint, fishing for candy, pumpkin bowling. Prizes were almost gone because of the kids. We hope you come next year. Thank you for coming." - Skylar W.

"Everyone should go to the Fall Festival". - Sammy

"The prizes were better than last year because they had different stuff". - Angela

"The Fall Festival is so cool." - Hailey

"I like I got double candy at the fishing game". - Gavin

"Dear. Mrs. Lundby, thank you for setting up the Fall Festival. My favorite part was the paper airplanes." - Colton

"Dear PTO, thank you for setting up Fall Festival. My favorite part was the fishing game because I got double candies. My friends Hunter and Mckenzie came." - Gavin

"Dear Mrs. Lundby, thank you for setting up the Fall Festival. My favorite part was watching you dance in your costume." - Angela

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